Why do I snore at night?

There are a ton of reasons for snoring. It can be anything from your diet to a weak upper airway. Sometimes snoring is temporary, but here are some reasons as to why you may be experiencing consistent snoring:

  • A Weak Upper Airway
  • Your Diet
  • Your Age
  • Hormonal Changes


A Weak Upper Airway

One of the common reasons for snoring, which can be very difficult to treat, is a weak upper airway. You may have a weak upper airway for various reasons such as age and hormonal changes. A solution to a weak upper airway is to work it out.


You can do this a few different ways. First of all, you can start singing. It has been observed that singing can help decrease snoring by exercising your upper airway. Secondly, you can try picking up a new wind instrument and play it. Playing wind instruments can also help work out your upper airway since it requires oral strength to play well. Lastly, you can use our app! Our app uses oropharyngeal exercises that help strengthen your upper airway. Instead of having to spend hours on hours of learning music and such, you can just install the app and try it out for free. You only need to play it for fifteen minutes a day!



Your diet may be a problem for your snoring. We cover this problem in depth in our article “Could Your Diet be Causing Your Snoring?”. For a quick summary, certain food and drink, such as alcohol, can cause your soft palate and tongue to relax and sag and other foods can cause inflammation and excess mucus production. A way to fix this is to just watch what you eat and drink before bed.

Food can affect your snoring


Growing older can cause your upper airway to narrow due to a decrease in muscle mass in the upper airway, as well as slight weight gain. These things work together to increase your snoring by creating a weak upper airway and making it heavier with some fat. A way to fix this could be a combination of going to the gym and working out your upper airway. That way, going to the gym can help burn fat while using Soundly strengthens your upper airway.


Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes, in particular, menopause can cause an increase in snoring. This happens in a similar way of age. We also cover this topic in depth in our other article, “Snoring & Menopause – How can I empower my body to sleep better by itself?”.


So How Can I Fix My Snoring?

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Snoring is a problem that can be extremely irritating, but the good thing is that there are many products that can help snoring. These products can be chin straps, pillows, or nose strips. The problem is that all of these products can be extremely pricey and don’t treat the underlying cause for a weak airway, they only treat the symptoms. That’s where Soundly comes in. This app is engineered as a fun game that exercises the upper airway to help treat the underlying cause for a weak airway.