Good sleep is vital to our health


We all want a good night’s sleep. Whether it was a long day at work, or just an incredibly stressful one, It can be difficult the get good sleep. If you have sleep apnea, it can be even harder to wake up refreshed and ready to go the next day.


Never underestimate the power of good quality sleep, which has been shown to improve brain function and promote good health all around. Snoring, unfortunately, interferes with this. In order to stop snoring and get good sleep, it is important to understand the causes so we can attack it at the root.


Why Do We Snore?


Snoring is caused when your breathing is constricted during sleep. The air in your body cannot move freely without creating a disruption. This causes parts of your throat and nose to vibrate, creating that lovely sound we all know too well.


This can lead to poor sleep, headaches, drowsiness, high blood pressure, and more. Quality sleep not only improves quality of life, but also longevity of life. Snoring interferes with that, which can lead to a number of health concerns. But there is a relatively easy way to rid yourself of snoring, and finally get the quality sleep you deserve.


Snoring Prevention

Having trouble falling asleep?

How can you stop it? While what you may have heard about how to reduce snoring could be helpful, new research suggests a better way of tackling those torturous tones that come out of your mouth.  


While CPAP machines help a variety of people from sleeping with blocked airways, the noise it produces might be just as bad as the snoring itself. Also, they are not the most flattering piece to wear on your face. Unless you’re Darth Vader, that is.


Plus, using a machine or breathe strips is really just putting a band-aid on the issue, not solving the root of your snoring problems. According to new research, there is a simpler, more economic, and long-term solution: Oropharyngeal exercises.




Oropharyngeal exercises (trying saying that five times fast) are vocal exercises that strengthen the airway muscles in your throat. These exercises involve your soft palate, tongue, and facial muscles and include tasks like pronouncing vowels multiple times and stretching your tongue inside your mouth.


Oropharyngeal exercises have been typically used in speech therapy, however, new research has shown that, over time, completing these exercises makes your airway muscles more toned, leaving more space for air to move freely in your throat during sleep, and thus, eliminates snoring! It is a much more effective and long-term solution than using noisy machines.


Sleep Soundly

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Soundly is a much more cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing option to reduce snoring. Through the app, you can practice these vocal (oropharyngeal) exercises in a fun, guided way. Sure, you could do these voice exercises on your own, but why not enjoy yourself a little while you’re at it? Plus, Soundly is developed by medical professionals, not something you can find on WikiHow. All you need is just 15 minutes a day of use for a healthier, more effective sleep.


The solution to snoring does not have to be boring. Or costly. Or embarrassing. Soundly makes long-term solutions to eliminate snoring simple and fun. Download Soundly to see for yourself.