How much sleep do you need?

Have you ever woken up tired or been exhausted during the day? These are a few signs that you are not getting enough sleep. You may even be getting 10 or more hours of sleep but are still tired. Is that really healthy? One of the most common questions about sleep is “how many hours of sleep should I get?” Today, we will hopefully answer that question.


Signs that You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

The best way to know if you need more sleep is by seeing if you have any symptoms of sleep deprivation. What are some common symptoms of sleep deprivation? Symptoms vary but some of the most common ones are:

  • You consistently have Breakouts
  • You are Sleepy During the Day
  • Your Eyes are Puffy or have Bags
  • Napping is Routine
  • You need more Caffeine to stay awake


There are many other symptoms that play a role in defining your sleep deprivation, but these are some of the most common.



Breakouts may happen if you aren’t getting enough sleep. This is because a lack of sleep can cause an increase in stress. And, as you probably know, stress relates directly to acne.


Sleepy During the Day

It is understandable that you become sleepy during the day since you start accumulating a sleep deficit. A sleep deficit, or sleep debt, is the accumulation of a lack of sleep. As you lose sleep, that deficit grows and can have mentally and physically taxing effects, such as being sleepy during the day.


Puffy Eyes

As your sleep deficit grows, your eyes generally start to look worse. They become puffy, have bags, and you can even have dark rings around them. The dark rings can happen due to the blood vessels under the eyes dilating. Your eyes can also get puffy and baggy because of fluid that leaks into the skin.


Routine Napping

A nap every once in a while is refreshing but if it starts becoming routine, it can be a sign that you aren’t getting enough sleep. This kind of falls hand-in-hand with being sleepy during the day. If you are tired during the day, you will most likely take a nap.


Needing More Caffeine

As you keep growing your sleep deficit, you start needing more caffeine to stay awake. This can start compounding which can cause problems with caffeine reliance and if you miss your morning cup of coffee, you can start to feel bad. Caffeine starts becoming a reliance, and not a luxury which can lead to more sleep issues.


So… How Many Hours of Sleep Should I Get?

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial

The short answer: anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep. The long answer: it depends on how old you are. As you get older you need to get less sleep. As a newborn, you need around 14 to 17 hours of sleep. Around the age of fourteen, the amount of sleep you need will stay pretty consistent and will not really vary that much. The amount of sleep you should be getting should stay consistent for the most part as you grow older and shouldn’t change all that much.

Sleep is very important to keeping a healthy lifestyle and should never be overlooked. Doing your best to get the required amount of sleep each night, will always pay off.